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Rotary Vane Service Kits

Use the table below to find the kit for your model. Click the kit part number to order.

Model Number Service Kit
Part Number
1531-107B-G617 K219
1531-107B-G288X K219
1531-107B-G289X K219
1531-107B-G557X K219
0532-101-G621X K494A
0532-101-G563B K494A
1032-101-G619X K497
1032-101-G618X K497
1532-101-G288X K497
1532-101-G289X K497
2032-101-G616X K442A
2032-101-G644 K442A
2032-101-G617 K442A
3032-101A-G609X K554
0211-V36A-G8CX K216
0211-V45F-G8CX K217
0211-V45F-G230CX K217
0211-103A-G8CX K218
0211-103A-G230CX K218
0323-101Q-SG588DX K478
0323-V3-SG588DX K485
0323-V4-SG588DX K556A
0523-101Q-SG588DX K478
0523-V103-SG588DX K559
0523-V3-SG588DX K485
0523-V4-SG588DX K556A
0823-101Q-G279 K479
0823-101Q-SG608X K479
0823-V103-SG608X K595
0823-V2-SG608X K486
0823-P155-SG608X K479A
1023-101Q-SG608X K479
1023-101Q-G279 K479
1023-703Q-G279 K479
1023-V103-SG608X K479A
1023-V2-SG608X K486
1023-V2-G279 K486
1423-101Q-G626X K575A
1423-101Q-G625 K575A
AT03-101-G215DX K882
AT05-101-G215DX K882
0533-103A K259
1034-101 K497
1534-101 K497
0240-P10B K224A
0240-V2C K224A
0240-V105A K225A
0440-V2C K226A
0440-P103A K227A
0440-V105A K227A
0740-V2A K228A
0740-P106A K229A
0740-V104A K229A
0465-V2B K234
0765-V6A K235
0765-V7C K235
1550-600 K231A
1065-V2A K297
2065-V2A K295
2565-V2A K296
2067-V103 K350
2567-V1 K349
2567-P102 K357
2567-V103 K350
2567-V105 K350
3040-V20B K232A
3040-V29B K232A
3040-V115A K233A
5565-V5A K299
6066-P102 K503
6066-V103 K503
0523-V81T-SG588DX K485
0523-V184T-SG588DX K478
1023-V17TA-SG608X K486
1023-V126TA-SG608X K479
2565-V93DTC-T336 K296
6066-V113DTC-T339 K503
6066-V113DTD-T339 K503